The first time ever.

Skrilo is Innovation. Skrilo is Rewards.

Skrilo is a full suite mobile marketing platform founded in 2015. In a world of Intrusive Marketing, we are creating a Paradigm Shift. Skrilo’s mission is to drive high quality B2C engagement by offering businesses a dedicated, non-intrusive channel to reach out to their end consumers in a smart and targeted manner.

WIN-WIN @ Skrilo

A Win for the Business : Skrilo is a mobile-first online marketing platform that effectively connects brands and businesses to the end consumers. Corporates, brands and business owners have the opportunity to create quality engagement with end users for their targeted campaigns, content, coupons and deals.

A Win for the Consumer : Skrilo is an innovative ‘one of its kind’ reward platform. It aims to bring you a very interesting portfolio of rewards, so the “almighty” Consumer can decide how to monetize their time in the app! In the very first reward plan of Skrilo, Consumers participate & get a free entitlement towards a Lucky prize draw when they voluntarily engage with the content at Skrilo.

Download Skrilo and join us in this revolution today.

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  1. Nice , #Skrilo

    Manish Kumar

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