We would like to explain to Skriloer’s the two reward programs that Skrilo Offers:

(1) Lucky Draw Wins  and  (2) Leader-Board Wins

Lucky Draw Wins: The first kind of reward we give out is the Daily and Weekly Lucky Draw. In this what matters is the chances (or free tickets) in hand. If you had let’s say 20 chances at the end of a day, your phone number is entered 20 times in a long list of phone numbers at the end of day/month as relevant. From this list, the computer randomly selects the lucky winners. The rank is irrelevant in determining the lucky draw winners. All that you are doing in collecting more chances to the lucky draw is ensuring that your phone number is listed more number of times in this array from which the lucky winner is selected. In essence, you are trying to increase your probability of winning but not there is no surety.

Leader-Board Wins: The second kind of reward program is a guaranteed win to the top chance collectors in a day and month. So if you have collected enough chances in a day, such that you make it in the top 20 (subject to change with time) of the day or month, we will give out a special leader board reward to such individuals. Please note that if you had enough chances and you were ranked #85, does not mean you have qualified in the 125 lucky draw prizes of the day. This rank 85, does not get you into the 125 prizes that are determined via a lucky draw.

In summary, your daily and weekly chances contribute toward Lucky Draw Wins, and your rank counts towards the Leader board Reward.

Just Skrilo.

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