Lets say there are only 2 people in the game, A & B.  Both A & B are offered an opportunity to collect equal chances (tickets). However, A & B have their own response rate and so:

  • A collects 7 free chances (some other place it would be like buying 7 tickets).
  • B collects 3 free chances (equivalent to buying 3 tickets).

So total of 10 chances (tickets) have now been collected in total, from which one has to decide who is a lucky winner.

[Remember both could have collected the same number of chances, because the opportunity to do so was same for both A & B. Its just that A collected more]

Now 10 tickets (7 of A + 3 of B chances) are put in a basket. A neutral person with eyes closed (think computer) is randomly asked to pick a lucky winner.

  • Who is more likely to be picked a winner?
  • Yes A, because A has more tickets in the basket.
  • Is A guaranteed to be a winner?
  • No, its possible B can be picked though its likelihood was lower.
  • Does it help if I had more chances?
  • Yes. Because its like having more tickets in hand!

Now, imagine this example with many more people in the game. You have Skrilo! When you collect Skrilo chances, you are automatically entering the free prize draw which are held daily and monthly. No additional steps to eligibility.

Of course, terms and conditions apply.
Just Skrilo


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