FAQ – Advertisers

FAQ - Advertisers

The team at Skrilo takes pride in delivering the best value to you. We look forward to serving your marketing needs via a personalized, targeted and relevant use of technology and a win-win mindset.
Skrilo has embarked on a journey that challenges the status quo. We bring to you, at your fingertips the world’s first hybrid between genuine non-incent engagement and incentivized marketing - weaved into a single click. You can now engage with consumers in a purely non-intrusive and voluntary fashion as they come into Skrilo with the mindset – “Show me what you (Brands) have got”.
Signing Up with Skrilo is easy. Use the Advertiser Sign Up prompt on the Skrilo website (www.skrilo.com) to submit your request for an account. To complete the Sign-Up process, kindly fill out the form with some basic description about your business. Please bear in mind that providing the information correctly, speeds up the approval process. On submission, we will get in touch with you promptly to make sure you are good to go on your marketing objectives.
As a first step, you Sign into your account:
If you are a registered advertiser with Skrilo, you can get started by using your unique user account and password that you set up while signing up with Skrilo. Simply sign in, using the Advertiser Sign In prompt on the top right corner of the Skrilo website (www.skrilo.com)

Once you arrive at your Signed in experience, you can launch your campaigns with “Ad-Launcher”.
Launching your Marketing Campaigns has never been easier. Once, you have logged in as advertiser you will see an Ad Launcher dashboard. It will be blank, if you are running the campaign for the very first time.

You can run any campaign you desire from AD LAUNCHER. It allows you to start a fresh campaign from scratch, rerun previously run campaigns or use your previous submission as a template for creating a new campaign. Rerun and Use as Template options are available when you hover over any previous campaign. Let’s get started!
Skrilo can meet a variety of your marketing needs. You can choose from the following objectives:
i. Increase Brand Awareness
ii. Brand Awareness + AdQuiz (Train Consumers to any underlying message)
iii. Sales Lead Generation
iv. Provide Coupons/ Offers
v. Market Research/ Polls & Survey
vi. App Download (Non-incent)
vii. Drive Traffic Campaign

We are continuing to expand on this list on a constant basis. Do get in touch with us at [email protected] if you wish specific marketing objectives to be met.
First and foremost, any uploaded rich media should not be offensive in nature. The brand or merchant account holder bears the responsibility to ensure they do not submit any offensive and unacceptable content.

Skrilo can accept the following formats for rich media:
1. Still Images
• JPG file
• Less than 80 Kb
• 720 x 1280 pixels / 1080 x 1920 pixels
2. GIF
• .GIF file
• 80kb or less preferred.
• 500 x 500 pixels
• 5 second duration
3. Video
• Mp4 format
• Optimized for mobile
• 40 second duration max
Skrilo provides real time analytics for each of your campaigns. You can view the number of clicks, opt-ins and more on a real-time basis.

The Analytics section will show you all the campaigns you have run and the corresponding stats on a real-time basis. You can see the actual number of clicks or assured views as they happen and the number/ Percentage of users opting in. In case of quiz and surveys you can click on the link to see real-time dashboard of the results as they happen.
At Skrilo, you can buy the clicks you need upfront. If your budget is not used up in a campaign, the remaining amount will be put away in your available balance for future campaigns. For a few larger clients, we may offer a post-paid or a retainer model.